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Motor ON/OFF

With an intuitive mobile app, farmer can operate motor from any place. Sub-users can operate through SMS or IVRS.

Timer Control

Allows to operate the motor at scheduled times. Users can set start time and runtime with a repeat option.

Alerts & Reports

Alerts the user on the availability of power, status of water flow, shows the quick information of historical operations data.

Return calls

AgriControl calls back the user to take a call, once the power is available wherein the user tried to control the motor at the time of unavailabilty of power.

Mobile Application

Along with SMS & IVRS, user can control the motor, change the registered mobile number, manage sub users using a very intuitive mobile application.

Detects power fluctuations

Detects the power fluctionations and prevents the motor from it's damage.

Prevents from dry run

AgriControl checks the status of water flow everytime. Prevents the motor from dry run and alerts the user in such cases.

Anti-theft control

AgriControl is developed in such a way that, it detects tampering and theft, alets the user and disables its own functionalities.

LED indicators

The module has got built-in status display system with LED indicators for all its functionalities.